October 11, 2019

Boudoir: What to Expect

First things first, I know why you’re here. You’ve seen all the positive vibes around these Boudoir sessions online. Whether your friend had one done or you saw it on social media. You want one done yourself but you keep saying “I’ll do that when I lose some weight”, “I don’t have the confidence for that”, “I can’t because *insert self doubt here*”. Stop that right now. You are beautiful. Inside and outside. Regardless what you are physically. You are a beautiful human being. The goal of a boudoir session with me is to highlight what it is about you that makes you that beautiful, and even more so to make sure you FEEL that beautiful. Still with me? Let’s chat a little about what a session looks like.

When you arrive we will hang out a bit and talk. I’ll serve up some adult beverages and snacks. Cause alcohol and comfort food are good for the nerves, am I right? If the session is part of a marathon you’ll arrive a little earlier and have your hair and makeup done by some trusted and talented local artists. If you are booking a session outside of a marathon, this is always an option to add on to your package. A local makeup artist here in Michiana that I highly recommend checking out is Makeup by Keria. She values client experience as much as I do and is sweet as pie, because let’s face it, this is all about having fun and enjoying yourself.

Then we move into a game plan and take a peek at what outfits you brought with you. I’ll be super excited at this point because your outfit choices really make the session. What should you wear? I’m glad you asked. I recommend bringing three outfits. Four is okay, too. But usually we only get through three during the hour session.

 First outfit option should be comfy! Examples of your comfy choice can be:

  • T-Shirt and a cute pair of undies
  • Sundress you love
  • Oversized shirt/sweater 
  • Jean shorts and bralette 

Second outfit option should showcase your personality! This can play off your comfy or lingerie option, too. Think things you love and love to do. Examples of this would be; 

  • Something repping your fav sports team.
  • Do you love gaming? Bring some cool gaming props!
  • Do you like to cook/bake? An apron is a cool idea. 
  • Are you a fan of a certain kind of wine?! Bring some! 

Third outfit is the typical Lingerie. Make sure you try it on before! You want to be as comfortable as you can and make sure it fits the way you like. Check out Beverly’s Secret. They are amazing and have sizes for all body shapes. Some advise on this outfit choice;

  • Bodysuits, bodysuits, bodysuits. They’re perfect no matter what shape you are. Do it.
  • Mix and match. Bring a few different pieces that work well with each other. IE a neutral robe, stockings, a couple different undie options to see what works best with any of your outfit choices.
    I’m happy to help with styling at the beginning of your session to help you decide what will look and photograph the best. These are only recommendations not rules. The point is to bring something that makes you feel good about yourself.

After we’ve taken a peek at your outfit choices, it’s time to get down to business. I’ll have music playing for sure. Usually a playlist of 2000’s hits, but I am totally open to requests. The point is we will be jammin’. I’ll assist in posing and giving direction the entire time. Although, a lot of the time it won’t feel like posing. It feels more like hanging out with a girlfriend who makes you laugh a lot. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. I will probably drop or trip over something – It’s okay to laugh. I do. At the end of your session, you’ll leave with some fun memories, a small gift bag from me, and more self confidence than you knew you could have.

Oh, and a new friend. BFF’s FO’ LIFE. 

If you read all of that, let’s be honest, you know you want to have a boudoir session done or know someone who should. If it’s you, do it. If it’s a friend, by all means share this with them! Either way you won’t be sorry. 

Welcome, those of you who read this lengthy blog. Thank you, you are amazing. I’m hosting a boudoir marathon November 9th in South Bend, Indiana.

Now that you know how much fun this is, let’s book your session!

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