March 8, 2020

Miranda and Joe

October 19th, 2019

Romantic Autumn Wedding in Bangor, Michigan

First of all, forgive me. I swore I’d get better at blogging and fell clean off the wagon. I’m going to work on blogging once a week from here on out. Hold me accountable?!

Miranda and Joe’s big day was the final wedding I photographed in 2019. The weather was fall perfection. My absolute favorite time of year. The bridal party got ready in Miranda’s grandparent’s cabin on a private lake that we got to use as a stunning backdrop for portraits. Their ceremony took place in a quaint chapel located in Grand Junction, Michigan. The details from this day were timeless. A couple things that stood out and made this day unique: The Bride’s fidget cube. Miranda told me the story as her sister was glamming her up for the isle. Joe gave it to her on their first date, they bonded over being nervous together. She carried it with her almost the entire day. The other would be the Arras. Arras in Spanish means pledge. Thirteen coins are given by the groom to the bride during the marriage ceremony to symbolize his commitment to her physically, emotionally, spiritually. It was a beautiful tradition to witness. We all got to end the night with a big party at Bangor Elevator out of Bangor, Michigan. The couple treated their guests to a special first dance – which they nailed. I’m done gushing now, If you couldn’t tell I adore my clients. Enjoy a look into their day!

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