March 16, 2020

Why have a boudoir session?

I could speak on this topic endlessly. Boudoir photography has become a major passion of mine because of the empowering response from my amazing clients. As this has become such a huge part of my business I’ve heard a lot of different responses. Most is wonderful, uplifting, and excitement shared between women. Some of it is discouraging because sometimes it’s hearing women saying “I wish I could do that” or “I’ll do that when I lose x amount of pounds” Or when this or that happens. The end result of a boudoir session should leave you feeling powerful exactly as you are. Every stretch mark, every imperfection, even the tummy rolls ladies (everyone has them) make up part of who you are. Be proud, damn it. Your body carries you through this crazy beautiful life. Which lets face it, is not always easy. There’s a goddess inside all of us. Thank her, love her, treat her to some love more often. I hope to meet you one day soon. I see you reading this. Still wishing that you had the confidence to take the leap and book one of these sessions for yourself. If you’re not ready yet that is okay. Start small. Put your to do list away for the day. Put your favorite lip stick on, rock those favorite undies – you know the ones that make you feel like you go it going on, dance around your house to some of your favorite jams. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful.

Love that goddess, one step at a time. And when you’re ready for the ultimate act of self love – I’m here to help you see what I see. 

Now that you have successfully made it through my ted talk, please enjoy some pictures of the gorgeous Jessica. I met her this month at a boudoir workshop held by Shelby Cheri Photography. I am always trying to learn how to better my craft to truly be able to capture your brand of beauty in the best light. This shoot was spicy, y’all. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Jessica, Shelby, and of course the amazing hair and makeup team made up of Makeup by Keria and Kelsey from Kalon Hair Lab

You can find each of these ladies on Instagram 





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